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Here are examples of stock we have previously sold through this site. Below you will find Scottish Pistols, Cased pairs by Robert Wogdon, John Probin & William Paris and items by other top makers.

Wogdon Duelling Pistols

Cased Pair of Silver Mounted Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Wogdon

A Magnificent Cased Pair of 26 Bore Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistols with Original Attachable Shoulder Stock by Robert Wogdon

A very fine and elegant pair of flintlock duelling pistols by Robert Wogdon, London. Silver hallmarks for 1785 and silver makers mark of Michael Barnett. Duelling pistols with swamped browned 10” octagonal sighted barrels signed Wogdon, London on the top flat with Irish police registration marks (North Tipperary) on the side flats. N-T 2633 on the first pistol & N-T 2634 on the second. Complete with an engraved band of beadwork at the rear, silver fore-sights, finely engraved case-hardened tangs each incorporating the back-sight, signed case-hardened detented locks retained by two side-nails and each with safety-catch, figured walnut full stocks, engraved silver trigger-guards with acorn finial, octagonal silver ramrod-pipes, set triggers, and original ramrods, one with worm and powder-measure, the butts each with a fixing for the shoulder-stock covered by a close fitting silver plate engraved with owner's initials of TA. Complete with the original skeleton shoulder stock with silver butt plate which is engraved in the same style as the triggerguards. In original lined and fitted mahogany case with Chippendale carrying handle, correct front hooks and full complement of accessories including correct very fine Wogdon Flask, loading rod/mallet, turnscrew, bullet mould, old cast bullets and patches. The case lining is original and the case is fitted to take the shoulder stock with the skeleton stock fitting over the powder flask compartment.

Wood to metal fit exceptional with only minor marks to the stocks. Varnish looks to be an old refinish but patina is excellent matching the fine metalwork and exceptional condition silver mounts. All engraving crisp. Case has repaired crack to lid but is totally original.

Aesthetically and mechanically, Wogdon made some of the finest pistols in the Georgian era.


Cased Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Probin

Cased Pair Duelling Pistols by John Probin

A Fine Quality Cased Pair of 16 Bore Flintlock Duelling Pistols by John Probin

An excellent pair of cased flintlock large bore duelling pistols by John Probin, Gunmaker to the Prince of Wales. Octagonal browned 16 bore 9.5" barrels, silver fore-sights and notched front sight, gold touch holes and two gold lines to breech. Barrel signed J PROBIN MAKER TO HIS R H THE PRINCE OF WALES. 

Blued steel furniture comprising ramrod pipes, trigger guard engraved with Stand of Arms and foliage, superb engraved pineapple finials. Matching engraved tangs and flintcocks. Quality stepped locks with sliding safety, flat border engraved lockplates signed J PROBIN. Swan neck flintcocks with border engraved top jaws and roller frizzens. Superb figured Walnut full stocks with steel wedge barrel bolts and fine chequered butts. Horn tipped ramrods, one with steel worm. Overall length 15.25". In their fitted flamed oak case with D-ring recessed handle and front hooks, containing bag shaped flask, 16 bore scissors bullet mould, turnscrew, bullets, patches and flints.

Excellent condition. High percentage of original barrel finish and original blueing to steel parts - one pistol with slightly more wear to blueing than the other which is often found with cased pairs. Crisp engraving. Very fine stocks with minimal handling marks, crisp profiles and high degree of original varnish. Excellent case.

One final point. The overall patina of these pistols is excellent but patina fails to describe an often over looked but highly desirable aspect - the pleasant aroma of these particular pistols is reminiscent of a gunmakers/engineers workshop. Difficult to define but the purchaser will be forever sniffing these pistols!!


Joseph Manton Officers Rifled Flintlock Pistol

Joseph Manton Flintlock Officers Pistol

Rare Rifled Officers Flintlock Pistol by Joseph Manton

A very rare (we have never seen another) and original rifled Flintlock Officers pistol by one of the best, if not the best of the London Gunmakers, Joseph Manton. Heavy, rifled (nine grooves) 9" octagonal 25 bore barrel with front and rear fixed sights, two gold lines to breech with stand of arms engraved between the lines. Top flat of barrel marked 'London', captive steel ramrod. Walnut half stock with finely chequered wrist, vacant silver escutcheon, silver fore end cap and barrel bolt escutcheons. All iron matching furniture comprising border engraved with central starburst buttcap, spurred trigger guard engraved with matching border engraving and stand of arms, pineapple finial, ramrod pipes and engraved tang. Flat lockplate engraved J MANTON with wheat ear border, stand of arms and floral engraving with starburst, sliding safety, flat throat hole cock with matching border and floral engraving with squared off jaws, waterproof pan with roller frizzen, matching border engraving to frizzen. 14.5 " overall. This pistol handles particularly well helped by the spurred trigger guard which became popular in the early 1800's.

Pleasing original matching overall patina so we have chosen not to have barrel re-browned. All engraving matching and matching minor wear. Stock in good condition with handling marks commensurate with age and use but with no cracks visible. Rifling in barrel is slightly worn but still very good.


Cased Officers Pistols by William Paris

Cased Pair of Flintlock Officers Pistols by William Paris

A fine Cased Pair of Flintlock Officers or Duelling Pistols by William Paris circa 1805

A fine Cased Pair of Flintlock Officers or Duelling Pistols by William Paris of Derby circa 1805, one of the best provincial makers. To quote J F Hayward from The Art of the Gunmaker 1660-1830 - "'of the few provincial gunmakers to produce really outstanding work during the latter half of the century was Paris of Derby".

Overall length 14.75" with 36 bore slightly swamped re-browned 9" barrels with top sighting flat running the whole barrel length signed 'Derby' in script, dove tailed silver fore-sights and notched front sight, single gold line to breech, gold touch holes. Blued steel furniture comprising engraved pineapple finial pillar-fronted trigger-guards of the French style which became popular in England circa 1800-1805, matching engraved tangs and ramrod pipes. Set triggers. High quality stepped bolted locks signed PARIS in gold oval poincon, matching foliate engraving, Swan neck flintcocks with border engraved top jaws, roller frizzens, gold filled pans. Superb figured Walnut full stocks with steel wedge barrel bolts, slab sided duelling style butts with crisply chequered shoulder and shell carving around tangs. Horn tipped ramrods with steel worm. The pistols complete in their fitted case with Chippendale handle and front hooks containing excellent 3 way flask, scissors bullet mould, interlocking double bladed turnscrew, pan brush, bullets and flints.

Fine condition (no replacement parts) with excellent blued steel furniture. The insides of the locks are also best quality. Very good stocks (one pistol has old repair to one crack by trigger guard) with crisp profiles. Excellent case. 

Overall an excellent graceful set of quality English flintlock pistols where the fine condition of the pistols matches the case condition. 


Durs Egg Flintlock Duelling Pistol

Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg of London

A Fine 28-Bore Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg of London

A fine 28 bore Flintlock duelling pistol circa 1805, with re-browned slightly swamped octagonal 10" sighted twist barrel with London proofs to underside, gold inlaid signature to top-flat D. EGG LONDON, gold-lined touch-hole, twin barrel bolts, border and scroll engraved top-tang. The pistols has a typical small bevel edge stepped lock with sliding safety signed in script 'D. EGG' with border and foliage engraving & roller frizzen spring. Sliding safety engages hole to frizzen. Finely engraved and blued furniture including butt cap and spurred square-backed trigger-guard, popular from around the 1805 period onwards. Walnut full-stock with finely chequered butt. A fine duelling pistol of classic proportions by one of the best London makers. Handles superbly and points well. 

With the exception of a few handling marks the stock is very fine. Furniture with 90% plus deep blue and crisp engraving. 100% gold to barrel signature. Working lock appears all original. Ramrod a replacement.   


Pair of Flintlock Ramshorn Scottish Pistols by Thomson

Cased Pair Scottish Nickel Silver Plated all metal Flintlock Ramshorn Belt Pistols by John Thomson

A fine Cased Pair of Scottish Nickel Silver Plated all metal Flintlock Ramshorn Belt Pistols by John Thomson, Gunmaker to His Majesty, Princes Street, Edinburgh circa 1816-1827

A fine and very rare cased pair of all metal Scottish Pistols by John Thomson of Edinburgh, Gunmaker to His Majesty (14 Princes Street - Der Neue Stockel, p.1283). 36 bore, 7.25 " rebrowned barrels engraved Edinburgh with gold line to breech and inlaid gold thistles to decorated staged muzzles. Lockplates with fine scroll and border engraving plus J Thomson in capitals on each lockplate. Late style throathole flintcock with matching engraving, roller frizzens and gold lined pans. All metal brass ramshorn style stock with good quality engraving, nickel silver plated finish and solid silver escutcheons each side of stock. Blued belthooks. Plain metal ramrods. Plain ball shaped triggers. Engraved prickers. Complete in their original case with some accessories comprising ivory handled turnscrew (some yellowing and we are assured pre CITES) , ivory patchcase (again pre CITES), bullet mould, replacement flask (?) and original case key. 

It is a common misconception that barrels on these Scottish pistols were either armoury bright or blued finish. John Thomson finished the barrels on some of his finest pistols in brown. An example is the superb pair he made for one of Wellingtons Generals, George Ramsay, the 9th Earl of Dalhousie which survive in mint original condition. An inset photograph of one of the Dalhousie pistols can be seen on the right.

This cased pair of pistols were discovered many years ago bricked up behind a fireplace together with a cased Nock Volley Gun. Dampness had damaged both the Volley Gun and its case, likewise the Scottish pistols and their case. Like the Volley Gun, conservation of both case and contents was vital. The conservation for the Scottish pistols and case was carried out by the late Gunmakers to the Royal Armouries who also carried out a small amount of matched repairs to the case lining at the front which had suffered the most. All the original parts on the pistols were retained but cleaned and refinished at great expense. No replacement parts were used and no refreshing of engraving was required. The nickel silver plating is near 100% and original. The barrels were re-browned and locks case hardened with springs, triggers, prickers and jaw screw reblued using the Dalhousie original pistol finish as a guide. The pistols are therefore now in excellent museum quality condition with some minor wear to case hardening and blued items. One of the barrels suffered from damp more than the other so has minor pitting, otherwise metal finish is superb. Case with lifting ring handle was refinished at same time but not completely relined, retaining as much original lining as possible.

Very rare to find a genuinely cased pair of this type of Scottish pistols.


Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Twigg of London

Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Twigg

An early Flintlock Duelling Pistol by John Twigg circa 1770

An excellent untouched example of an early flintlock duelling pistol by John Twigg circa 1770.  Sighted 9.75” octagonal 28 bore barrel signed Twigg in script, LONDON in capitals - signature worn, gold touch hole. Border engraved stepped lock signed with Twigg’s second form of signature, 1765-1780 (see plate 185, Great British Gunmakers 1740-1790 by W. Keith Neal and D.H.L. Back for an identical lock). Swan neck flintcock, distinctive V cuts to top of lockplate behind the cock. Steel mounts, the engraved trigger guard with second pattern of acorn finial, ramrod pipes with horn capped tapered ramrod with single worm tip extractor. Full stocked with distinctive flattened sides finishing with vertical grooves close to the tail of the lock plate. Shell carving of second type of design (not symmetrical) carved around the steel tang. Stock in good condition but with old cracks each side forward of the triggerguard retaining pin.

An excellent untouched example of Twigg’s early work. According to W. Keith Neal, Twigg’s best weapons bore his actual signature. Twigg was one of the leading London gunmakers of the period. His business was situated at 132 Strand, London between 1760-1776 during which time Durs Egg worked for him. In 1776 he moved to Piccadilly, London where John Manton became his foreman before branching out on his own in 1781.